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Set against a backdrop of New York City in the grungy, glittering 1980s, Get Off is a memoir about desperate living, hidden promise, double lives, and the danger of getting too much too soon. This eloquent, entertaining, sometimes absurdly hilarious book is a tale of how an anxious theater nerd from Long Island created and ultimately emerged from a hell of his own making.


Written as a testament for his young son, Scott Alderman's account of his wasted youth and hard-earned manhood will resonate with and inspire anyone who has been lost and struggled to find their way back.


"This is the voice of a natch'l born raconteur with the courage to venture to the darkest spaces of the human heart with uncanny compassion and deep honesty."

- Oliver Trager, Author of Dig Infinity!


"The writing has incredible momentum and sustained movement, really conveying the velocity and chaos of the experiences; there's a real feeling of life happening." 

- Vivian Heller, Author of City Beneath Us 

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Brace yourself for a roller coaster metal thrill ride as you join the Tattoo the Earth 2000 tour of America, the most insane tour ever inflicted on a continent. Featuring twenty of metal’s biggest bands, including Metallica, Slipknot, Slayer, Sepultura, and Sevendust, plus Paul Booth, Filip Leu and the world’s best tattoo artists, the Tattoo the Earth tour left its mark wherever it played. This renegade group of outsiders played eighteen scorched-earth shows across the US in the summer of 2000 at venues like Giants Stadium and Red Rocks, pissing off music business heavyweights along the way, but leaving delirious inked fans in its wake. Metal and tattooing have never been the same, and Caravan of Pain puts you right in the center of the mayhem. 


“Here was the proud, defiant underbelly of rock: 19 bands spread over 10 hours in an indoor furnace, not one of them a friend of commercial radio or MTV. Yet in this world, such outsider status is the ultimate credibility enhancer. ‘It's only about two things in this band: You and us,’ howled singer Corey Taylor of headliners Slipknot.”
 - Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune, 7/28/2000

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